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Great Japanese cuisine by En Group

En Japanese Dining Bar

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Are you craving some authentic Japanese flavours? The boldness of Okinawa cuisine meets you in Singapore when you visit the En Japanese Dining Bar. The dishes are crafted from fresh ingredients, true to the Okinawa style of cuisine and pleasing to the palate. From the Premium Queen Crab to the Shabu Shabu, you're sure to find something unique and wonderful at En Japanese Dining Bar.

En Group runs two different En Japanese Dining Bar locations, so you can select the one that's most convenient for you. One is located at 207 River Valley Road in UE Square, while the other is situated at 383 Bukit Timah Road, Alocassia. Before you visit, make sure that you have upgraded your Grabz.Asia membership from Basic to Premium so that you can take advantage of the amazing Premium Member Special, 1 for 1 Mains. With a premium Grabz membership you can exclusive access to all our best Singapore dining deals. Plus, you can check in periodically to view any updates or new promotions in Singapore. That way, you're always a few clicks away from a money-saving deal that gives you and your friends the ticket to a great night out in the city.

The Alocassia En Japanese Dining Bar mingles modern style with traditional elements. It's a 4,000-square-foot space richly imbued with Japanese culture, from the beautifully crafted wooden elements to the wonderful stencil-dyed (Ryukyu Bingata) textiles adorning the walls. You'll find comfortable seating for dining, as well as tatami rooms, a sushi bar, and a full bar with plenty of drink options.

When you visit the River Valley location, you'll find a different ambiance along with the same delicious Japanese food. Here, the En Japanese Dining Bar takes on a unique, vibrant energy, drawn from warm hues of orange, honey, and brown. Natural elements such as wood and stone are introduced, along with handmade pottery that complements the earthy, warm atmosphere. Enjoy the full bar, the Zashiki corner, and the large tables and benches, all of which make En Japanese Dining Bar at River Valley a comfortable, casual place in which to share meal with friends or family members.

Each location features a wealth of seafood options, including fresh, thickly sliced sashimi and delicate sushi and Negitoro Maki. If you and your friends haven't tried Shabu Shabu before, you need to experiment with this delicious Japanese dish. You'll have a hot pot of your own in which you can cook raw vegetables and meats in broth, along with sides, noodles, and sauces to complement your efforts. It's a fun and delicious activity for everyone to enjoy together. And don't forget classics like the Okinawa Premium Wagyu, the Ramuyribu Yaki platter, or the comforting and tasty Wagyu Saikoro Don. If you're feeling indulgent, splurge on the Yuzu Ikura Chawanmushi, a Japanese-style egg custard, steamed and then decked out with salmon roe marinated in Yuzu. For a quick treat, try the Potato Korokke, balls of deep-fried mashed potatoes coated in breadcrumbs and swimming in delicious gravy. With such a friendly atmosphere and so many tasty and interesting dishes to try, you'll be back to En Japanese Dining Bar on many more occasions.

address :
207 River Valley Rd, UE Square, #01-57, S(238275)                          
tel: 6735 2212

383 Bukit Timah Road, Alocassia Apartment, #01-01, S(259727)  
tel: 6235 0080

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